Stephanie & Ditta Korbeogo

You will not understand unless your put yourself in our shoes, the delimma we faced when it was time for us to sell our house as first time sellers.  Where to go? Who to trust? How much to sell for? How long it would take etc, etc... Then by the grace of God I found these tow wonderful Ladies Jean Gillin and Le-Ann Vicquery.  My God! What a team! While Le-Ann is taking advantage of her youthful energy and sales pitch skill to play bulldozer, jean is polishing, advising, constructing under a coat and umbrella of wisdom, life experience and strategies as the engineer.  In a short period of time, they pulled off the sale even helping the buyer whom had their own agent, I'm sorry seems to be a "two left foot" agent.  These two colleagues with such a connection were just astonishing.  At any opportunity that presents itself, I'll
definitely recommend these two fantastic ladies-

Kim & Mike Harvey

You need a realtor with is both knowledgeable of the always changing market, as well as someone is who passionate about their profession.  Should you choose to use Jean Gillin or Le-Ann Vicquery you will get this times two!

Barbara Imbriale- Country Pointe

When a person has to sell their home for any reason, it is a very trying time in their life, showing your home always feeling violated.  Le-Ann and Jean were very empathetic to my needs, they realized it was personal not just business.  They were both professional on their approach, as well as energetic and realistic with our goals.  I would highly recommend Jean and Le-Ann to anyone that is thinking about selling their home. Their combined knowledge is a great asset.
Jean Gillin & Le-Ann Vicquery
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